Our Programs

Programs To Broaden Everybody’s Cultural Horizons
and Cognitive Development

Our goal is the adaptation of the senses to new stimuli.
Music and languages open up minds, sounds travel through time and space to reveal that basic pentatonic melodies can be found in complete opposite parts of the world.
As different as we are, we are all connected!

“Rock Your World Kids”® Music Classes

World Music Educational program to introduce multicultural instruments, movements and sounds to children of all ages, starting as young as 6 months old and up to 8 years old.

​Armelle or one of her teachers plays guitar, keyboard or ukulele to sing traditional favorites, multilingual songs in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian!

We will play: bodhran from Ireland, derbuka from Turkey, djembe from Africa, bongos from South America, ceremonial Native American drum, lap-harp, kalimba from Africa, Lebanese tambourine, spoons, washboards, violin, banjo, accordion and bouzouki from Europe, balafon and kora from Africa and many more!

Rhythms are practiced through musical games with tambourines and maracas, ear training is achieved through dancing on world music pieces specifically chosen for that purpose.

A selection of songs from the Discover A World of Music” and “Rock Your World Kids! Vol1” CDs can be listened to and purchased, visit our store page!

“We highly recommend Armelle’s energizing shows and classes!”

New York Parents

“Learn French/Spanish Through Music” Language Classes

A multi sensory approach to language acquisition based on songs chosen to teach a selection of vocabulary and sentence structures. Visual, audio and tactile stimuli are all intertwined to allow your child to acquire the language in depth while having fun. This method has proven to be effective with children as young as 6 months old!

Instrument playing, sing-along games, finger-play and puppets are used to enhance comprehension through repetition while hearing and feeling the rhythm of the language.

​Songs from the “Learn French Through Music” cd can be listened to and purchased ​on our store page!

To register, go to our calendar,
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To schedule a new class near you,
contact us by email or at 914-672-0948.

Schools And Centers, Where To FIND US…among others!

  • Hudson County Montessori in New Rochelle, NY
  • Athena Montessori Children’s Group in White Plains, NY
  • Piper’s Hill Learning Center in Stamford, CT
  • Montessori Children’s Room in Armonk, NY
  • Anna & Jack’s Treehouse in New Rochelle and Pelham, NY, and in Norwalk, CT
  • Little People’s of Somers in Somers, NY
  • Cooper’s Corner Montessori Int’l, New Rochelle, NY​​
  • Rye YMCA in Rye, NY
  • Alliance Française de Westchester, White Plains, NY

“Our fun and high energy approach to teaching a new language through music and motivation is sure to be a hit at your center!”

Armelle and the Kids