Our Mission

Mundo Infantil

Our Mission

At Armelle for KIDS, our mission is to build bridges between cultures through music from around the world. As our students and the grown-ups around them travel musically towards new horizons, words from foreign countries become familiar friends. Beyond our differences, we all have the same heart beating to the same rhythm and everyone smiles in the same language.

Our values:

  • Curiosity
  • Openness to others and understanding
  • Joy in learning

“When Armelle walks into Children’s Day School, the children squeal with delight.”

Sara Champion

School Director

Musica Infantil

Sounds, Lyrics, Beats…

Our mission’s next level is for Armelle for Kids LLC to bring music as a healing tool to those who need it the most: mothers and children/teenagers at domestic violence shelters, non-profit organizations working directly with underprivileged families, orphanages, refugee camps, and schools in disaster areas.

We bring them instruments as a means to express their hopes and release their fears. Sounds, lyrics, beats, rhythmic patterns all play a role in children’s cognitive and emotional development. Music and languages purge grief and heal hearts.

Helping Kids with Music

Everyone Can Help!

We put the adults in their world in charge of the music program after we leave. They make the program sustainable and keep their musical heritage alive while setting up an outlet for their youth to meet, speak and grow.

Bridges are thus built.

Beyond our differences, we all have the same core values.

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Kids Singing on Armelle for kids