Private Sessions

Private and Semi-private Lessons

Communication with you is key. We welcome your comments and your suggestions. We want to make sure that you are happy with your progress!

  • French or Spanish lessons in the comfort of your home. For all ages, children and adults. For all levels, from beginner to master.
  • Now offering English as a Second Language.
  • NEW! Secure Zoom classes are now available. We have mastered the tricks of virtual learning and it now feels both efficient and cozy. Environmental too!


  • Greater flexibility in scheduling.
  • Progress is more tangible.
  • We follow your level and specific needs. No time is wasted relearning what you already know.
  • Fees vary upon set up (online or at home) and frequency.
  • Billing is done monthly.

Adult Conversation Classes (limited to 4 students)
French, English and Spanish.

What: a multi-level class setting designed to help students reach their potential in conversational proficiency. Everyone has the opportunity to use their prior knowledge and build on their already acquired skills.

How: Topics of discussions vary and are related to your interests and include vocabulary, grammar and cultural references. Homework is tailored to your specific needs to help you improve faster.

Where: online with secure zoom sessions. No worries, because the classes are small, the atmosphere is casual and not intimidating. You will feel free to speak up and practice!

Classes are one-hour long and meet twice a week.
10 week session, 2 hours a week.

Fill out form or call us at 914-672-0948.