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Our goal is to facilitate the development of cognitive adaptive skills and promote cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Music and languages expand our minds; sounds travel through time and space to reveal that basic pentatonic melodies can be found in complete opposite parts of the world. As different as we are, we are inherently all connected!

Welcome to a world where learning knows no bounds, and every moment is an  opportunity to grow and thrive!


Armelle’s musical birthday parties are full of life, dancing and twirling to the sound of music!


New York Parents

“Edutaining” French/Spanish Classes!

A perfect blend of fun and learning!

Did we say “Edutaining”? Absolutely. Our method intertwines enjoyable activities with educational content to make language acquisition a delightful journey. Picture a harmonious fusion of vibrant songs, engaging instrument play, spirited sing-alongs, interactive games, delightful finger-play, and captivating puppetry – all woven together to captivate young minds.

Beneath the surface lies a rich tapestry of education elements designed to stimulate learning. Through mimicking sounds and actions, decoding visuals and their verbal counterparts, rehearsing sentences, and mastering the art of question-and-answer dynamic, we lay the foundation for comprehensive language acquisition. As children get older, they are encouraged to repeat sentences, and engage verbally.

Embracing the diversity of learning styles, we incorporate a multi-sensory approach to language learning, combining visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli to help each child connect with language in their unique way.

This time-tested methodology ensures that while your child embarks on this linguistic adventure, they do so with boundless enthusiasm and unwavering motivation. With this approach, children not only acquire language skills but also develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

PRACTICE! SONGS ARE AVAILABLE on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and all major streaming services.

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Parental Language Development Tips:

The earlier a child begins, the more naturally they will learn all the elements of the language. Additionally, there are specific strategies you can employ to significantly enhance your child’s innate learning abilities.

  • Patience and consistent attendance are two of the most important factors in language learning. Your child needs time to assimilate and connect sentences, structures, words, pictures, actions, and sounds. You should not expect to see significant results until after 4 to 6 weeks of classes. Additionally, depending on your child’s age and temperament, it may take more or less time for them to feel comfortable repeating and answering questions. This variation is normal and part of the learning process.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the teacher for more details if needed. If you desire a more in-depth training session, please let us know. Remember, everyone learns differently, and we are here to assist you in raising your child bilingual.
  • Do not translate what the teacher is saying into English. Even if your child does not seem to understand the teacher’s questions or requests, it does not necessarily mean that they do not comprehend. The teacher will either employ another tactic, provide the necessary keyword translation, or revisit the topic at another time. Translating might cause your child to become accustomed to waiting for translation instead of understanding the teacher’s words directly.

Have fun and play with us while we learn!

Armelle and the Kids