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Our goal is the adaptation of the senses to new stimuli. Music and languages open up minds, sounds travel through time and space to reveal that basic pentatonic melodies can be found in complete opposite parts of the world. As different as we are, we are all connected!


Armelle’s musical birthday parties are full of life, dancing and twirling to the sound of music!


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Edutaining French/Spanish Classes!

Did we say “Edutaining”? Yes! Our technique is a well balanced mix of entertaining and educational activities. The entertaining element consists of songs, instrument playing, sing-along, games, finger-play and puppets. The educational element consists of the imitation of sounds and actions, comprehension of visuals linking them to their verbal equivalent, repetition of sentences, and recognition as well as understanding of the question/answer pattern.

We believe in and incorporate in the curriculum the multi sensory approach to language acquisition, acknowledging and using the fact that children learn differently from one another. Visual, audio and tactile stimulus are all intertwined to help each child connect every sound, word and sentence to its meaning.

This proven technique allows your child to acquire the language in depth while having fun. Enthusiastic and motivated, they will learn the language at a quicker pace.

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The younger a child starts, the better he/she will naturally learn all the elements of the language. On the other hand, there are some specific things you can do to tremendously improve your child’s natural learning abilities.

  • Patience and on-going attendance are two of the most important keys to languages.
    Because your child needs time to assimilate and associate sentences, structures, words, pictures, actions and sounds, you should not expect to hear many results before 4 to 6 weeks of classes. Also, depending on the age and on the child’s temperament, it might take more or less time for your child to feel comfortable repeating and answering the questions asked. Do not worry, it is part of the process.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the teacher for more details if needed. If you wish a more in-depth training session, please, let us know. Remember, everyone learns differently and we are here to help you with raising your child bilingual.
  • Do not translate in English what the teacher is saying. Even if your child does not seem to understand the teacher’s questions or requests, it does not mean that they do not understand. The teacher will either switch to another tactic, translate the necessary keyword or come back to the topic at another time. If you translate, your child will get used to waiting for the translation instead of understanding the teacher’s words directly.

Have fun and play with us while we learn!

Armelle and the Kids