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“Music is a great starting point for learning a new language everywhere I go.
It’s a true ice breaker between cultures.”



AFK by the Numbers

AFK’s Children Programs:

  • Develop better overall language and
    speech acquisition
  • Develop cognition: memory, vocabulary,
    recalling, oral skills, counting
  • Learn to concentrate and follow instructions
  • Learn balanced social and emotional behavior through teamwork and cooperation
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Serving Westchester, New York, Connecticut, and online

They Believe in Us

“AFK is a multi-sensory approach to teaching which include songs, instruments, hands-on activities, visual reference points, movements and more.”

Patch, Larchmont-Mamaroneck, NY

“‘We’ve had to turn people away,’ says Armelle Gloaguen, owner of Armelle’s Language Studio in Larchmont, N.Y.”

The Wall Street Journal

“With a combination of songs and simple instruments such as bells and miniature tambourines, Gloaguen, a French native, teaches basic words and phrases through repetition.”

The Journal News

Armelle and the Kids