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Our programs come to you at your convenience and add yet another reason for parents to come to your center.
AFK offers music and language curriculums appropriate for infants, toddlers, pre-K and Kindergarden.

Engaging, multi-sensorial, creative, versatile, musical all with a smile. We believe in connecting the comprehension cognitive skills to the oral skills right away.

Questions and answers, visual reference points and oral practice are intertwined to create the optimal environment for language acquisition.

Both programs include songs, instruments, hands-on activities, visual reference points, and movements. The goal is to promote the adaptation of the senses to new stimuli and to broaden cultural horizons and cognitive development​

Partnership or In-House:
2 different setups

Each has a different budget.
Call Armelle at 914-672-0948 for all details.

Armelle For KIDS (AFK) and “ZE” Team have provided multicultural education through music and languages to thousands of children from 0 to 10 years old in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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    Our 2022-2023 School Partnerships!

    • Alliance Française de Westchester
    • Anna & Jack’s Treehouse (in all 3 locations)
    • Athena Montessori Children’s Program
    • Cooper’s Corner Montessori International
    • Hudson Country Montessori
    • Little Peoples of Somers
    • Precious Minds
    • Rye Ymca
    • Children’s Corner Learning Center (Purchase location)
    Musica Infantil

    Teacher Training

    Mentoring your teachers to keep music and language education going in between classes is a great gift to your school and your students!

    • Rhythms
    • Ear Training
    • Handling of Instruments
    • Language Skills Reinforcement

    The acquired knowledge is transferable to circle time and many other activities held by your teachers. It benefits everyone!

    Prices vary depending on the amount of time and number of teachers. No worries, we work with you and your budget.

    Helping Kids with Music

    Music & Languages Workshops

    • It’s a Small World: instrument making, family backgrounds and travels become part of the conversation. This workshop is a winner every time!
    • What Goes Around Comes Around: Where do instruments come from? How were they made then? How about now? Customizable to follow or reinforce your curriculum.
    • Vive La France! Fly to Paris and take the train to various provinces of France. Visit castles, climb the Pyrénées, ride the Parc Astérix, and more!
    • Musique Fantastique: puppets, music, bubbles, students learn vocabulary and sentence structures with songs specifically chosen for that purpose.

    Length and price vary according to your budget and time availability.

    “Thank you for such a great year, filling our minds with such beautiful sounds and our classroom with such joy!”

    Teachers from Alcott Montessori school

    Musica Infantil

    Program Licensing

    Own the rights to bring either program to your school for a yearly fee of $499. The price includes access to all songs, lesson plans and visuals. Different packages are available depending on the format of the material and the amount of training you wish to provide to your teachers.

    Call us at 914-672-0948 to inquire about which package fits your needs best.

    Helping Kids with Music


    International Dinners, World Day, Earth Day, Graduations, Culture Day, AFK comes with talented musicians to celebrate with you and your families. Matthew Bauer and Brian Carter are professional percussionist who add beats to our eclectic and adaptable sets!